Extension Programme

The Schemes Pertaining to the Extension Programme aim at promotion and propagation of Hindi in non-Hindi-speaking states. These schemes not only provide a common forum of Hindi to the non-Hindi speaking lovers of Hindi, scholars, authors, researchers, students, professors and translators but also help them to develop understanding through mutual discussions and dialogues by appreciating each others traditions. In fact, these schemes encourage lingual unity by displaying common features of Indian culture. In order to provide useful information about the all India character of Hindi, the following programmes are being implemented.

  • Hinditar Bhashi Hindi Navlekhak Shivir
  • Chhatra Adhyayan Yatra
  • Shodh Chhatra Yatra Anudan
  • Pradhyapak Vyakhyan Mala
  • Rashatriya Sangoshthi

(a) Hinditar Bhashi Hindi Navlekhak Shivir

(Neo - Hindi Writer's Workshop of non-Hindi-speaking regions):

With a view to imparting latest detailed information about fiction, poetry, drama and other forms of Hindi literature as well of translation, journalism etc. to neo-Hindi writers of non-Hindi-speaking states, 8 workshops of 25 neo-Hindi writers duration. Three renowned resource persons are organized every year. These workshops are of eight days in which invited for providing necessary guidance to the neo-Hindi Writers. In these workshops writings of neo-Hindi writers are discussed and necessary improvements are suggested. Information about the latest trends in the spheres of literature is imparted to them. Thus, an effort is made to give orientation to the creative and analytical genius of neo-Hindi Writers. These writers hailing from different linguistic regions imprint their positive attitude on others through this scheme. Several non-Hindi-speaking participants in these workshops have already proved their worth in the contemporary literary arena.

(B) Chhatra Adhyayan Yatra

(Study Tours Of Hindi Students Of Non-hindi Speaking States):

Two study tours are organized every year for students of non-Hindi-speaking states studying Hindi language and literature at graduate and post-graduates levels. In every study-tour, fifty students are taken to 3 different universities/ voluntary Hindi organizations located across Hindi-speaking states and are introduced to distinguished scholars, litterateurs of Hindi and Hindi companions. As far as possible they are also taken to places of historical, cultural and literary importance. This scheme considerably helps the students to understand the practical form of Hindi as well as variation in pronunciation. This scheme also provides the direct and latest information of various aspects of Hindi language and literature to the students. Students hailing from various states stay together in these study tours for nine - ten days and exchange their ideas through Hindi language. In this way the Indian youth launches its journey of national unity through the field of Hindi.

(C) Shodh Chhatra Yatra Anudan

(Travel Grant To Research Students Of Hindi Of Non-hindi-speaking States):

Twenty students carrying on research in Hindi language and literature in the Universities located in non-Hindi Speaking states, are provided with travel grants for travelling in Hindi speaking states for collecting research matterial and undertaking exchange of ideas. A research scholar can travel only three universities for his research work. This scheme not only plays an important role in collecting research material but also provide them an opportunity to come in contact with the scholars and litterateurs residing in Hindi speaking states. Thus this scheme focuses mainly on the practical aspect of Hindi research.

(D) Pradhyapak Vyakhyan Mala

(Professors Lecture Series):

With a view to enable exchange of ideas and bring coordinatian among the Hindi departments of universities located in the Hindi speaking and non-Hindi speaking states the scheme pertaining to Professors' Lecture Series has been launched. Under this scheme four professors of the Universities of non-Hindi-speaking states and four professors of the Universities of Hindi speaking states deliver three lectures each in three universities of the Hindi speaking and non-Hindi speaking states respectively on various current literary topics of Hindi. In fact, this mutual exchange of ideas from such a Hindi forum links up the professors, students and lovers of Hindi at the intellectual and emotional level



In order to initiate healthy mutual discussion on various topics of Indian and comparative Indian literature, two seminars are organized every year with the cooperation of universities / voluntary organization of different Hindi and non-Hindi states. In each of these seminars four Hindi professors, litterateurs and scholars from Hindi speaking states and four from non-Hindi speaking states hold detailed discussions specific literary topics and present their papers. In fact, this scheme motivates the scholars for conducting mutual exchange of ideas about the fundamental unity and common features of Indian literature. In brief, this scheme provides information about the common elements of Indian literature, on whole the availability of Indian literature in Hindi and also the facility of translation of Hindi literature in other modern Indian languages.


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